So there I was, sitting at my computer. My husband was working on his laptop, my three little girlies were sound asleep, and I was blogging about the day’s events. It was nothing about politics or world hunger, just little things about the whisperings of my heart and the people that occupy it.

“My little pixie decided to dismantle the chandelier in her bedroom with nothing but a swim noodle during her “nap” today. In case you were wondering, that was after she asked us if she could get a gold tooth.”

“Madelyn insisted on accompanying me to the grocery store wearing striped tights, her winter coat, and a pair of dress-up shoes…only. The real shock is that I let her. Don’t judge me. You’ve got to choose your battles and I’ve already decided on a different one.”

“If you can hear me up there, please slow the time down. My baby’s soft, sweet little head fits perfectly under my neck. I know I should be annoyed sitting up with her all night, but it is the best part of my day. The second her little fingers wrap around my own, there is no wrong in all the world. Oh, please let her be my baby always! If you can’t slow time, will you at least help me remember these small moments that have filled my heart with more joy and magic and love than I ever could have imagined?”

I began blogging in 2005 because I didn’t want to forget. The sound of my children playing and laughing and singing in their perfect little girl voices is the soundtrack of my days. Those sounds will someday fade and be replaced by the creaking chains of the swing that hangs in the walnut tree beside our old yellow farmhouse. Someday, it will be just me and my sweet husband. As much as I know I will love that day, I am determined to remember the ones in between. This is why I blog.

At the same time I began blogging, I also began scrapbooking digitally. I can’t paper scrap to save my soul and was totally shocked to discover the world of digital scrapping. I fell in love with high-quality designs- the shabbier the better. Over time, I learned how to make my blog a much more accurate reflection of myself and dreamed of helping others do the same. Shabby Blogs launched on April 1st, 2009 and has been going strong ever since!

At Shabby Blogs you will find all of the backgrounds and accessories you need to make your blog a work of art. Your home may be where your story begins, but your blog is where your story is told. Here at Shabby Blogs, we believe everyone deserves to tell their story in style. That is why everything on this site is 100% free. Take a look around and enjoy the process of creating your own shabulous blog!