Do you do custom work?

Nope. While it totally makes us blush and get all warm and fuzzy to know that people like our designs so much, Shabby Blogs is dedicated to being an entirely free site. However, we are all about helping you get the awesomeness you crave. So, we’ve given the Shabby Stamp of Approval to some people we know you’ll love.

How can I be a Featured Blogger?

Anyone who uses a Shabby Blogs background and posts a comment on our blog is eligible to be featured. We love reading your comments and getting to know you! If you’ve commented on our blog, we’ve seen yours…unless you don’t have one or it is set to “private,” that is. We don’t always have time to leave a comment, but we are always visiting our Shabby Bloggers and trying to find that next blogging rock star. We don’t choose blogs based on followers or favors. We choose bloggers who inspire us. That’s how we roll.

How in the world is all of this free?

Magic blogging fairies. Kidding! Shabby Blogs is proud to offer all of our designs free of charge. We rely on our outstanding sponsors to cover the costs associated with bringing you these fabulous goodies. If you want to support Shabby Blogs, please visit our sponsors!

I installed a background, but it looks enlarged. What happened?

You tell us! Sounds like you did something seriously bad. We’re just messing with you. It’s actually due to your monitor size and resolution. If we designed a background that looked exactly right on a low-resolution screen, it would be a really small, surrounded by blank space on a high-resolution monitor. It’s like wearing a really cute dress and then having your slip show. We don’t want to show your digital slip.

I want a new background, but the old one keeps showing up. What’s up with that?

At Shabby Blogs, we call this phenomenon Ex-Boyfriend Syndrome. Think of your old background like an old boyfriend. You’ve got to get rid of it before you can move on. Check for ex-backgrounds and give them the boot! You need closure.

I’ve decided to take the plunge. How do I get a blog?

Congratulations, you! You’re going to love having your own blog! Start out by going to Blogger.com. If you already have a Google account, sign in using that account information. If you don’t, just click on “CREATE A BLOG.” From there, follow the instructions and you’ll be blogging in minutes!

Where do you get your awesome fonts?

We love fun and fabulous fonts! While we know there are lots of places you could go to snag them, we highly recommend KevinAndAmanda.com. Not only is Amanda a total sweetheart, but that girl has also got some serious skills! She designs the most incredible fonts and gives them away for free! (Sound familiar?) She also has a rad tutorial on how to use her fonts on your blog along with all sorts of other awesomeness. We {heart} Amanda!

Why are all of your backgrounds white in the center?

The content area on each of our backgrounds is white to ensure that YOU are the focus of your blog. Our backgrounds are designed to make your blog more beautiful, but not to overpower it. We have too much respect for your words and images to camouflage them.