Megan Hastings

Megan Hastings is the woman/ninja behind She is a wife and the mother of three lovely little ladies whom she rather adores. She can never pass up a good thrift store or flea market…no matter how much her dear husband begs. When she isn’t blogging or designing, you can bet she is wearing her wellies and a crown made of dandelions, traipsing through the Michigan countryside with her young daughters. Megan loves kayaking, going to the beach, photography, antiquing, travel, and mud wrestling. Okay, not really mud wrestling, but we wanted to make sure you were paying attention. She is passionate about providing people with the tools they need to blog with confidence. For more about Meg, you can visit the Shabby Blogs about page.

Jessica Downey

Jessica Downey is the genius behind Sierra Studios Photography and our resident photography expert. She is the wife of a wonderful and supportive husband, and the mother of two precious little ones. Her son is a gentle, loving five-year-old with Autism, and her daughter is a vivacious and sparkly two-year-old. When Jessica isn’t hugging, playing, teaching, driving, feeding, or cleaning up after them, you can always find her on a photo shoot or at her computer editing photos! Photography is so much more than a job for her. It’s all about documenting life and communicating life. We document moments in time to preserve them for ourselves, so we can always look back on them and remember. And we also use photography to communicate our life to others. That is what is so wonderful about the world of blogging! We can record our life for ourselves, and at the same time share it with the wide world around us. And whether it’s for your family blog, your recipe blog, your crafting blog, or whatever part of your life you are sharing… you are going to need great photos to do it! That’s where Jessica comes in. She’s here to help you elevate your photos from ho-hum snapshots to stunning images that will make those blog surfers stop in their tracks!

Keren Dukes

Keren Dukes is a digital designer for the Shabby Blogs blog. She loves to create freebies with a vintage flair for everyone to relish! (Although, don’t mention relish to her. She hates it…and pickles…and parallel parking.) She is the mother of a beautiful persnickety princess named Ariel and met her wonderful husband and soul-mate on MySpace. (Yes, you read that right!) In 2010 Keren started blogging and using Photoshop, not knowing a thing about either. Google and Youtube became her BFF’s and there was no stopping her after that! Besides blogging at SB, Keren also owns an amazing website called Free Pretty Things For You where she doles out even more lovely vintage-inspired goodies to her visitors free of charge. She pretty much rocks!